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Regular Adult Salt Session

Each session is 45 minutes of halotherapy in a relaxing, salt filled room. Sit in our gravity free chairs or uses pillows and bolsters on the floor. You can meditate, look around, rest or fall asleep while the salt is dispersed through the air. Phone and talk free zone for the ultimate experience of peace and calm. Allow relief for respiratory issues, skin conditions and stress.

$35 per session per person

$140 for a 5 Pack

$250 for a 10 Pack

sessions start on the hour every hour

*Please Book in Advance*

Booking multiple people? It's best to call


Salt Session Are Public Regular sessions limited to 6 people

Private sessions up to 9 in chairs or 15 if okay with floor and coziness

Some events may have up to 12 people, depends on the event others are limited

Give the Gift of Healing & Experiences

Take Care of Your Loved Ones

Gift Cards are Like Cash so Can Be used for services and products

Purchase online or Come on into the shop!

Kids Salt Session (0-12 years)

A special 45 session for parents and kids! This session is a bit more playful. We provide toys and the space is very sensory friendly. Enjoy this magical healing experience together. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Childrens sessions are private so that they can play and make noise. 

1 Child FREE per adult

each additional child $5

***Please CALL to book a children's session***

Book online here

Become a Member

Monthly Silver Membership  $99

Includes 8 regular sessions per month

1 guest pass per month

  • Minimum of 3 months, option to cancel after

  • Call or come in to purchase this option

  • Does not include workshops or classes

  • memberships are per person and cannot be shared

Salt Cave Gift Certificates are perfect for every occasion!
Give the gift of health and relaxation!

Massage in the Cave 

Massage Benefits:
  • Eases muscle pain
  • Reduces tension
  • Stimulates movement of lymphatic fluid
  • Reduces Stress
  • Increases circulation
Salt Cave Benefits:
  • Stress reduction
  • Reduce inflammation in joints 
  • Opens air passageways
  • Removes Toxins
  • Boosts the immune system
In Cave:
50 minutes $120
90 minutes $175
reiki add on: $25

couples 50 min $240
couples 90 min $350

Chakra Room
(no salt)
(only available Mondays & Saturdays
60 min $100
90min $135

Call for availability 910-679-8066

Thai Massage in cave
60mins $140
90mins $200

Sound Healing & Reiki with Raessa 


|Sound Healing & Reiki|

Perfect for relaxation, self-care, pain management, stress reduction and connecting with your highest self.

Radiant Relaxation:

Includes: Energetic Consultation, Chakra alignment with tuning forks,
Sound Healing with various instruments, Reiki, insight + coaching

90 Minutes || $133: Chakra Room  

90 minutes || $199: Salt Cave


Radiant Refresh:

Offered as a follow-up to a Radiant Relaxation session as an energetic tune-up

Includes: Energetic consultation, Chakra alignment with tuning forks, Sound Healing with chimes + Reiki

60 minutes||  $84:Chakra Room

Private Sound Bath:

Includes: Energetic consultation, guided meditation + immersive sound bath experience with a variety of healing instruments


*Ambient celestial lighting to enhance your sound journey

90 minutes|| $133: Chakra Room

90 minutes|| $199: Salt Cave


Private Mini Sound Bath:

Includes: Guided meditation, 432 hz singing bowls + chimes

60 minutes|| $84: Chakra Room

45 minutes|| $122: Salt Cave


 Private Group Sound Bath:

Perfect for a Corporate/work Event, family gathering, date night, girl's night, and Special Occasions. Group sound healing is a beautiful way to connect with others while experiencing the benefits of stress reduction and positive energy and emotional wellbeing.

Includes: guided meditation + immersive sound bath experience
with a variety of healing instruments

*Ambient celestial lighting to enhance your sound journey*

3-6 people| 75 minutes | $60/person
*Only available in salt cave



About Raessa:

Hi! I'm Raessa, a sensitive soul with a passion for helping others feel better. I was introduced to the Healing Arts as a way to help reduce chronic pain, depression, anxiety, stress and hormonal imbalance. 

With over a decade of experience in the Healing Arts and holding space for others, I have cultivated a gentle, yet effective approach to helping women blossom into their radiance.

Training & Education:

Certified Health Coach with an advanced certification in Hormone Health. I have personally struggled with hormonal imbalance and I felt the calling to further my education to help other women navigate the the hormonal challenges they may face during their lifetime.

In addition, I am a Certified Yoga Teacher with advanced studies in Mindfulness & Meditation through Asheville Yoga Center, A Certified Reiki Master, and a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner through Meditate: School of Sound Healing.

I offer one-on-one Coaching & Energy/Sound Healing sessions as well as group workshops, sound baths & meditations for women.

You too, can live a Radiant Life!


IMG_9130 (1).JPG

Cory Noonan MA, LMBT, CST


Craniosacral Therapy

$95 60 minutes chakra room

$125 50 minutes salt cave

Our bodies have a profound ability to heal themselves if we let them. Craniosacral Therapy is a complementary therapy which supports the central nervous system, allowing the body to self-correct and heal naturally. This is a gentle, noninvasive therapy that focuses on releasing tension around the head, spine, and sacrum, relieving stress and reducing or eradicating pain.

Essential Oil Therapy

$65 Chakra Room

 Essential Oil Therapy is a nervous system treatment that address the root cause of symptoms, allowing your body to heal from the cellular level. Essential oils offer physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Private Yoga Classes

Thought about trying yoga but nervous to be in a group setting?

We offer private yoga sessions unique to your needs.

You can come by yourself or with a small group.

We have props to support your needs.

Yoga benefits:

- build strength

-increase flexibility

-reduce stress

-reduce pain

Give us a call to set up a session


Chakra Room

1 Hour for $60 

Salt Cave

1 hour $80 solo

or $45 per person small groups (2-7 people)


Pause Breathwork

hi there! my name is heather and i am a certified trauma informed breathwork facilitator
through pause breathwork. after years of traditional talk therapy for issues that i had
tried to conquer and thought time and time again i had healed, i had nearly given up and
then breathwork found me via a friend…(you can read more about my story on my website)
a few quick, fun things about me is…
1. i hate capital letters…
2. i’ve been married to my hot hubby for over 25 years…
3. i have 2 littles but they aren’t little anymore…
4. i love to go on adventures, especially if they end at the beach or the mountains!
now that you know a little about me…let me tell you what i can offer you…

i offer a safe, gentle approach to trauma informed breathwork. i am passionate about this
work because i feel when your wounds and traumas can be seen and held with safety and
compassion real work can begin. breathwork sessions are personalized to be about your
journey and connection with your body. getting out of your “monkey mind” that keeps you
from really feeling what your body is trying to tell you…breathwork is not about trying to
push you over the edge, retraumatize you, or doing it “perfectly”…
take a look at this list and if any of these resonate with you, give breathwork a try…i’d be
honored to hold space for you…

*don’t recognize yourself anymore?
* mind racing all the time or especially at night?
* hard time falling/staying asleep at night?
* take care of everyone else before yourself?
* need to empower self
* need to push back against societal norms
* need to break free from generational trauma(s)
* need to re-frame learned/patterned behavior(s)

pricing: prana sunday appointments
chakra room: salt cave:
60 min $55 60 min $65
90 min $65 90 min $75
schedule appointments
**interested in special occasions or want to do a group session, please call occasions or want to do a group session, please call heather at 910.616.8626 or email for availability and pricing.

contacts curly hair.png

Energy Healing with Heather Gordy

Heather is an intuitive healer and psychic channel. She works with her energetic and intuitive gifts to offer energy healings centered in Love Consciousness. Energy healing can help clear blocks and stagnant energy bringing your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies more into harmony. Heather offers two unique healing sessions designed to support you in your process towards self-discovery and transformation. Each session will be guided by your Higher Self and spiritual guides, and based on our intentions, desires, and personal healing needs. 

Card Readings: $88 / 30mins


Chakra Balance Energy Healing $133 | 1 hr

This session hones in on 1-2 chakra centers. Together we work on freeing space around these centers of the body by clearing past traumas & blocks that are ready to go. We discuss ways you might work with this chakra center on your own to continue to allow energy to flow smoothly & freely. 


Spiritual Healing $177 | 2 hrs

This session is designed to go deeper into the body, working through many layers simultaneously to clear all blocks no longer serving at this time. Through this process we create space in the body & open to receive healing energies unique to your awakening path, aligned with your Divine Purpose and Highest Self. 

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